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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What is RAD??

I know many of you are wondering "What in the world is RAD?"  I am only going to touch on the highlights in this blog - but I really encourage you to view www.attachmenteducationnetwork.com for a more comprehensive look on attachment disorder.

Basically when a young child is traumatized (abused, neglected or has had multiple placements) it impairs brain development.  The part of the brain that deals with emotional attachment is damaged, thus inflicting a whole host of undesirable symptoms -- the worst of which is how hard it is for the child to attach.

I do want to stress that there is hope for these children!  They need specialized therapy with a therapist who understands Attachment Disorder.  They need an extremely structured environment with consistent firm, loving parenting.  One does not parent these children the way other children are parented - they need firm boundaries so they can feel safe.  They need training in how to be empathetic - how to love and receive love.  These were basic skills not given to them as babies - we have to do that now.

Is this a spiritual problem?  Well I believe that Satan preys on our weaknesses.  So as with any area in our lives that we are weak in -- yes this can be a real spiritual battle.  My friend Tracy and I were talking about this subject just the other day - she brought out a very good point.  Satan is at the throne of God "accusing Christians".  As parents of RAD children, we are constantly being accused by both the child and others who do not understand.  Our child accuses us of everything!  People listening to our child will sometimes accuse us of the very thing they are saying, or we are accused because we parent this child differently than our other children OR we are accused because people do not think we are good parents to our other children.  Because many health professionals do not understand RAD - we are even accused by them.  So then we understand that this part may very well be a spiritual battle.  But in this too - there is so much hope because we know who to turn to especially when it's a spiritual battle.

What I really want to stress is that there is so much hope for these children!  It is a long journey - but worth it in the end.  These children can learn to love and be loved.  They can learn how to be important members of society and loving members of their families.

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