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Saturday, May 21, 2011

6,570 days

A couple of years ago there was a Sea World commercial that made a lasting impression on me.  It showed a couple of kids playing with their parents at Sea World - the narrator said, "There are 6,570 days of childhood; which ones will your child remember?"  Wow! 6,570 days - when it's put that way it really doesn't seem that long.  As parents we are given a very short time to shape the ideals & morals of our children.  Kind of gives new meaning to when the pastor says "they are not really yours - they are God's - He's only loaned them to you for a little while."

I'm not trying to imply that we do not have significant influence over our children when they are grown - but it's not the same.  Now is the time to impart whatever is most important to us -   this is the molding time.  What is your goal for the end result - it comes fast -- we need a plan.  Today I attended a high school graduation for a very dear friend's oldest daughter.  I absolutely love this family and her daughter has grown into quite a beautiful young woman - on the inside and out.  It didn't just happen - my friend raised her daughter with the end result in mind.  I love watching her parenting style - she parents with purpose & love.  I aspire to do the same.

6,570 days -- by the time they are 9 years old you only have 3, 295 days left.  Some of us start with a shorter time - I adopted one of my sons at 6 years old - that's 4, 380 days until he becomes an adult by legal definitions.  Many of you have done the same.  6,570 days (or less) to impart all of me to my children - that's a huge job!  May I be worthy to the task.

God has given each of us that are parents a wonderful gift of 6,570 days - may we cherish each one of them.  May we not just be overwhelmed with the task - but also enjoy the wondrous gift we have been given.

Dancing in awe of my 6,570 days,


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