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Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Cup Overfloweth - Well Sort Of

It's Labor Day Day Weekend and time to go visit my son in residential.  Through a course of unplanned events we decided to take the dog with us.  We contacted the military liaison for the hospital and he said it wouldn't be a problem - so off we went - my husband, my 2 daughters, myself and the dog.   (My other son was going to a Youth in Government function).

Eighteen hours later we arrived at the base TLF facilities to be informed that there was some form of miscommunication somewhere because they did not know there was a pet coming - there were no more pet rooms available.  UGH!-- Okay -- regroup, this isn't really that big of a deal - just find a hotel that will take pets.  I was overcome with disappointment -- the facilities on base are like an apartment -- it's much easier to "simulate home life" from those facilities than a hotel room, oh well.

We called many hotels and finally found one close to the hospital that took pets and booked it.  It was a well known chain, so we were pretty comfortable in doing so.  The next morning we went to family therapy with my son and then brought him back to the hotel room. We all sat down to eat lunch together and the toilet began to overflow & I mean OVERFLOW!  It wouldn't stop.  We called maintenance and my husband turned off the water to the toilet because the water had flowed out of the bathroom and the carpets were flooded.

Obviously we requested a room change - the carpets were soaked!  The front desk told me that no rooms were currently available but housekeeping was cleaning the rooms and one would be available shortly - so my husband took the children down to the pool and the dog and I stayed in the room and waited for the call to say our new room would be available - at length it was ready.  We moved into the room right next door.

While the kids were playing and my husband was gone getting dinner I heard something. I said, "what's that sound - did someone leave on the shower?"  My youngest daughter got up and went in the bathroom - she came out and said, "Mom the roof is leaking"  Leaking was an understatement.  The roof was cracked and there was a steady stream coming through -- UGH!!!!  & GRRR at this point.  So I called the front desk and the manger answered "This is George"  "George - my roof is leaking"  I actually felt bad for him - grr went quickly away -- he said he would send someone right up.  RAD child was already on the phone telling Daddy all about it.

By the time Daddy came home with the pizza he also had us another hotel reservation :).

Well, the hospital told us to "simulate regular family living" we did our best -- overflowing toilets and leaky pipes - doesn't get any better than that.

Wonder what will happen on tomorrows pass.

Dancing in the flood waters,


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