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Life is an adventure. Sometimes I yearn for boredom, yet it never comes. This is an account of my struggles & triumphs- my struggle to know God & understand the "why" behind it all. "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain" This is just me - learning to dance - sometimes gracefully, but most the time - stepping on my 2 left feet..

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The alarm rang at 6 am and everyone sprang into action instantly anticipating our day – okay – not really – the alarm rang and I moaned and everyone else lay motionless.  I didn’t sleep at all last night – anticipating leaving is never easy & this has been a very eventful trip.  With quite a bit of coaxing the dog and I finally got everyone out of bed & the start of our day had begun.  My husband went to the hospital to pick up my son and bring him back to the hotel – we were meeting downstairs in the restaurant for breakfast.  The girls and I had everything completely packed and ready to go by the time the guys had returned.  Breakfast went off without a hitch – everyone got along nicely - only one spill and I actually got to drink my tea while it was still hot – WOW!  We were the picture of a normal family – ahhh!  Don’t ya just love fairy tales!  I do!
Now that breakfast was over it was the inevitable time to take my son back to the hospital – so my husband went to check out of the hotel – the children and I were waiting by the door.  He was walking toward me with “that look”  Oh no – I knew things were going too smoothly – what now?
“What’s wrong Baby?”  I asked.  “We need to get up to the parking garage – there is  a police officer at the front desk saying that a van on the 2nd floor was broken into” – “Now honey – the 2nd floor is very large with lots of vans” – still there was something in the pit of my stomach.  Yep – you guessed it – we rounded the corner to find our van with the front door open – glass everywhere from what use to be the door window and a present from the unhappy thief – a rock. (I say unhappy thief because there wasn’t anything in the van for him to steal).   Two security guards were standing there surveying the situation.  They radioed the front desk – the police officer had already left, another would have to be called for a report to be filed – we would have to wait & wait & wait.  My little chickadees began to get their feathers all ruffled – truth be known –  I wanted to let my feathers be ruffled too – but Mommy hens do not have the luxury of letting their feathers be ruffled over such minor annoyances.  So instead, I calmly said “this is not that big of a deal, nothing was in the van for a thief to steal”  Then my husband suggested that the children and I wait in the lobby until the report was taken and he got ahold of the insurance company.
After we got all that taken care of, we took my son back to the hospital and made several phone calls to get the window fixed – it’s Memorial Day – no one has the exact piece of glass – it has to be ordered – can’t do that till tomorrow – of course.  So instead I dropped my hubby at Home Depot to get some plastic and I took the girls to Hobby Lobby while he fixed the car up.  (Hobby Lobby – we do not have these in the part of Florida that I live in – LOVE this store!!!!)
When I came out I was nothing short of amazed!  I’m not sure amazed is even the word.  I went in expecting him to cover the hole with a plastic sheet and some duct tape – what else is there to do right?   Okay obviously I know very little about these things – he had purchased Plexiglas and some hand cutting tool and shaped a window. – It looks just like a glass window!  He did have to trim it with duct tape – but it’s Plexiglas – not a plastic sheet – it’s a window! - Honestly I’m beginning to think there is nothing this man can’t do. J
So we are now back on the road and I’m thinking “whew—I’m glad our adventures are over for the day” (queue music please…dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnn) Sure they are…  We are just driving and all of the sudden my window (passenger side) goes down – for no apparent reason.  And what’s worse – it will not come back up.  Okay – at this I do laugh – it’s just too funny -- why is this happening –   so hubby used what Plexiglas he had left (about half a windows worth) and the rest is made of – you guessed it a plastic sheet.  But at least he can see through the window and my hair is not whipping all over the place.
It’s 8:00pm and we are driving through Mississippi.  I am NOT making the mistake of saying that I’m glad our adventures are over again!  But I am hoping that we are going to have a calm evening.
Dancing in the chaos,

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