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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Frustrating doesn't even begin to describe my week!   My son's insurance exhausted on Monday.  He is now officially self-pay status at the hospital.  I can't even tell you  how that scared me.  I'm not sure of the cost of this residential facility (we haven't been home to receive the insurance statements), but the one in Florida was in the ballpark of $20,000 a month.  I do not know anyone who can afford that - maybe the price is different when you are self-pay--- I have no idea. However; an outside agency has agreed to pay for 30 days of care.  My heart is so thankful.  He cannot come back home yet, he isn’t ready.  That probably would have meant foster care which would have eradicated the therapy work that has been done to date.  Putting an Attachment Disorder Kid in foster care doesn’t exactly help with attachment L.  So praise God that is not happening J.

The frustrating part of my week has to do with teamwork.  There are many people on my son's team - doctors, therapists, nurses, advocate, family, HKI, business office, my child, etc.  There are many separate teams from different agencies working together.  This calls for a tremendous amount of teamwork.  I was really impressed with everyone on the team minus one individual.  We had till Tuesday at 9am to get the medical packet into the insurance agency's hands.  Everyone was doing their part.  (If you have never had your child in residential then you have no idea of the mountain of paperwork that has to be completed by various individuals – especially when they are dually diagnosed with both mental and physical conditions.)  The packet hinged on one little thing...a phone call that could only be completed by one person.  Beginning on Thursday we began asking this individual to make the phone call.  By Friday everyone was asking this individual to make the phone call - by Monday some of us were begging for this individual to make the phone call - others of us were demanding he make the phone call.  Yes, you are correct - he didn't make the phone.  Well I guess he did - after 10am on Tuesday.  Too late!  The packets for residential had already been picked up - we have to wait another 7 days to apply -- then there is a 7-10 day review process.  UGH!!!

I fail to see what was so difficult in placing a phone call. It's such a little thing.   Because this professional failed to do his part of the teamwork we are waiting another week.  A week that during this time my son's “open spot" at the other hospital could be given to someone else.  Another week that was unnecessary to have to be paid for in an uninsured spot.  Another week that my son knows he is going somewhere else and has to have anxiety about it.  Another week that our lives hang in the balance - I'm not sure what happens if he doesn't get this spot at the other hospital.  I guess this is where faith comes in...

I want to encourage you today.  Everyone is part of a team in some way - whether it is at work, family life or at play.  Make sure you do your part - only you can do your part and everyone suffers when your part is not done correctly.  You know the acronym for TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More - it's only partly true - this acronym makes it sound like things can still be achieved without everyone doing their part - just not as much.  Sometimes nothing can be achieved when everyone doesn't do their part.  Be the best part of a team today that you can be - and remember - it's the little things that matter.

Dancing in frustration & then hope & then frustration & then hope,


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