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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Here we go again!

{{ sigh }} 

I wish things could be calm for a little bit - but unfortunately the rain is picking up.  We were informed yesterday that my son will be discharged within 2 weeks even though the therapist states he needs 4 - 6 more months of treatment.  Our insurance has exhausted so he must now be switched over to FL Medicaid.  This was always the plan - from day one when we entered the hospital.  Out private insurance had 150 days of care, when that ran out if he required more time he would just be switched over to Fl. Medicaid (this is his secondary insurance - special needs adoptions usually provide Medicaid).

 Sounds simple enough right??  Nothing ever seems to be simple ...

The hospital also informed us yesterday that they do not take Fl. Medicaid.  You can imagine my surprise since this is something we have been discussing with them since day one!  It seems they thought he could just be switched over to Arkansas Medicaid and everything would work that way....we are in the middle of a permanency plan for my child -- this would have all kinds of complications.  In Florida everyone is on the same page - DCF & the courts understand this is not a case of parental abuse - but rather a case where it wasn't safe to have the child in the home until treatment occurs....you can imagine the mess we will be stepping into if we attempt to change all the players. (if we even could switch to Arkansas Medicaid - which is a big "IF") 

 A facility in Virginia has been suggested to us by the hospital.  I called and checked out the website -- it seems to be a good hospital and a good fit....they even have an opening.  Our only 2 problems (1) Will FL Medicaid approve?  (2) Our child has Cystic Fibrosis as do 2 other children in this hospital.  CF kids cannot be around one another because the different things that grow in their lungs can be harmful to other CF kids (this is the reason they stopped having CF summer camps).  So everyone’s particular lung bacteria’s have to be checked before he can be approved to make sure everyone is compatible.  UGH!  Why does everything have to be so complicated?

So now it's a waiting game - we have applied to the hospital in Virginia, we have applied to Medicaid.  We have very little time -- the flood waters are rising quickly.

Thank God we have an advocate and a Doctor back home helping us - otherwise this would be impossible!

Dancing despite the thunder,


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  1. Oh wow... I can only imagine your frustration. You're right though - very few things go according to plan when dealing when trying to keep so many providers on the same page!

    But really? They couldn't have told you about the Medicaid issue up front? Sounds like they just wanted the money while they could get it and now are going to shuffle you off... so sad :(