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Monday, August 8, 2011


Wow - the more I know about RAD the more I think many politicians must have RAD. J.  A child with RAD is a master in manipulation - which can drive a parent insane - take this week for instance.  My child had a pass so my husband picked him up from the hospital.  In front of the nurses he was loving all over my husband -- hyper and incredibly happy to see him.  The cuteness factor was off the charts.  Then as soon as they leave the hospital and get into the car the hyperness came to a dead stop.  My husband did his best to engage my son in conversation and could only get one word responses.  The pass went okay - but when it was time to take him back - everything was played all over again.  In the car it was hard to get him to engage in conversation, but when he was taken up to the ward he was positively a delight - hugging all over my hubby and saying how much he misses everyone.  With an audience we always get a lot of love and attention.  It can be very irritating at times because if you do not play along then everyone thinks you are such a bad parent -- and the last thing I'm going to do is play along in a lie.  I cherish the real times I get hugs and kisses -- when there doesn't have to be an audience but they are just given because he wants to show love.  I’m not saying the real thing doesn’t sometimes happen with an audience – but if it’s not happening without one….well…

I was complaining about this to God and all I could feel was God saying "I get that all the time"...Okay God - not talking about me here - but my kids -- let’s stay on topic.  But it's true - as Christians, when we are in a group - my goodness how much we love God and are so thankful for what He has done - but how much of that love do we show Him without an audience.  Hmmmm....”Christian RAD behavior” from many of us that would judge the RAD children for doing it to their parents. 

I do not know a lot of things - but this I do know - when a RAD child only shows affection in public it's irritating ; I usually don't want the show because it's not real  & I don't want to be a RAD Christian -- I don't have the excuses my child has - so time to shape up and make sure I’m giving the same amount of affection in private as I do in public.

Dancing in conviction,


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