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Thursday, June 2, 2011

!!!! 90 DAYS !!!!

Great News!!!  My husband's detail has been approved!  They told him this morning.  We leave June 10th and will spend the entire summer in Arkansas.  I am very excited as I feel this may be what my son needs to help him move through his therapy.  No one likes to be so far away from home, but a child with as many abandonment issues as he has - well, I fear he is viewing this as one more abandonment.  I can't wait till our phone time tomorrow night so I can tell him.

As excited as I am - I am equally as overwhelmed.  There is so much to do before we leave.  Besides the general cleaning that has to be done before you leave a home for 90 days - there is the house sitter, taking the car in, the vet, deciding which things we cannot live without for the next 90 days (and remembering that it all has to fit in the van).  I have a feeling that my idea on this and my children's idea on this is going to vary drastically.  And general packing.  I have already contacted the military liaison and he is feverishly working to get us TLF on base - I pray he can do so.

I am so grateful to God for working all of this out for us.  The chances that a persons employer would allow you to work just for the summer in another state and keep your current position open for you upon your return is almost unheard of -- it is a mountain that my God has moved.  He has moved us from a state that did not have the health care that my son required to a state that did.  He has taken it from a situation from the state telling us we had to choose between our children - to our children all being in the same area.  My God is the God of impossibilities.  I have lived a literal nightmare over the past 6 years, through this nightmare I have learned - there is nothing my God can't do. I want to encourage you - no matter what it is - ask God for His help.  He has brought us through living with the violence of RAD, loving someone who only now is learning how to return that love (sometimes), and almost losing a child to the state among many other horrific things to many to name in this one blog.  The point is this -He has been there for me and He will be there for you too if you want him to be -- He's always just a prayer away.

Dancing with the sun on my face,


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